Ray (@BadServo) is a chubby manipulator of bits both digital and biological.  He can often be found preaching against the evils of society on youtube, mocking the sadness that is his brother-in-law at his website, or at any number of eateries of ill-repute.  He can of course be found on Twitter at @BadServo, though more personal (i.e. sexy) missives can be fired to him at BadServo <AT> BadServo <DOT> com.
King (@Razztag) is the one who is never on time for the podcast, mostly because time zones are a conspiracy of the devil. He was born in space and spent the first decade of his life in a tube avoiding hair metal, and is thus ignorant of the glories and horrors of 80s pop culture. He can usually be found either on the twitters venting about things no one cares about, or sitting in front of his computer trying to remember what it was he was just doing. He also likes to draw.
Patrick (@PatrickCentral) is a designer, producer, Batman enthusiast and otherwise professional generalist. Until he integrates his voiceover site with his main site, you have to check each to get a clear view of his indecisiveness and megalomania. He is the true originator of the Sharktopus, which is an octopus with shark heads at the end of every arm, and thus the most fearsome creature of the deep. He also makes T-shirts and drinks heavily.
Chris (@Fraktruck) “knows a little bit about a lot of things” which can range from the deepest, darkest parts of internet culture to the design and flight of fighter jets, which is adjacent to his current job at [REDACTED.] Like pretty much everyone else on the internet, he has a video game centric youtube channel which entertains tens of people and can be found at youtube.com/user/fraktruckgames.  The public hub for all his things is @fraktruck_games on twitter.
Dan (@MrArcys) is our resident expert on all things tall, as he was genetically engineered to combine only the best parts of humanity and giraffes. He splits his time between video games and working for “The Man” where he’s Senior Illuminati Counsel, helping determine the fate of the world. Growing up the plains states as a son of an Evangelical Christian, Dan has traded in the tyrannical yolk of his vast MercyMe CD collection and embraced the soul-healing powers of Jessica Fletcher.

Fabulous guest stars:

Ashley (@lilenrgzrbunny) – Is the diminuative damsel who plays ying to @BadServo’s horrifically bloated yang.  She spends her time saving children, teaching children, or working with children’s community organizations.  Seriously, I think she has a problem with this children thing.  Her glory can be witnessed at @lilenrgzrbunny on Twitter.
Leslie (@neuronimo) – Is master of all trades and jack of none. When she’s not playing wetnurse to her boyfriend or King Koopa dog Bowser, she works as an office manager and web designer. She also volunteers her time with youth reading and adult literacy programs. Like all women, Leslie enjoys photography and horses. One of these things makes her break out in hives.

Additional Guests: