Juicy Nuggets Vol 1

Our last recording session clocked in at over 6 hours. They aren’t all winners, but this is still a massive amount of material, and in the process of cutting such a lengthy recording into episodes, you get some leftovers. There are other fiddly bits of shows that have been cut for one reason or another as well, so we’d like to introduce a new, short-form type series of these little gems, that we’re calling Juicy Nuggets. They’re the food that keeps you going between meals.

In this first such nugget, Ray reads us the wondrous diary of Max Burbank, of I-Mockery fame as he describes his journey into the madness of Golden Corral. Consider this our Christmas gift to you, the fatted masses out there who have gorged themselves this day on Ham and multi-splendored casseroles.

Used with Permission.