Episode 8: Rap Battle

This week, your regular gaggle of modern day troubadours welcomes a special guest to the fold.  Founder and Captain MadHatter McGinnis of the good ship Scrub Club Records is on hand to enlighten us to music mayhem and Kansas-born horror.  We also delve into new genres of marital aid, the possibilities of competitive religious podcasting, the wit and wisdom of Bruce Campbell, and many other things you won’t believe you took the time to listen to.


How To Change Your Name
Wired Article on “The John Henry Complex”
Lady Clankington’s “Little Death Ray’“Mark II’
Bad Dragon Sex Toys
Purchase “The Accommodator’
“Time Paradox” RPG
Scrub Club Records WebsiteSC Gear | Donate
NY Times on RFID Towels
“Unleashed” at IMDB.com
“Landslide”: Glee VersionDixie Chicks Cover
Rainbow Brite
Shirt Tales
“Robocop”: The Motion PictureTV Mini-Series
Kurtwood Smith says “Bitches Leave!”Raps on “Big Pharma’
“Childrens’ Hospital”
“Can We Talk?”
“The Street Slang” Rap Dictionary for White Guys at WuTangCorp.com
Walter Cronkite

“Wikihow.com aka Best Website Ever | “How to Teach Your Dog to Do a High Five”

Make a “White Russian’
“Flying Carpet Guy’ from “Zelda CD-I”
“Demon Exorcist” from Animal Planet
“Man VS Food” on the Travel Channel
“Camp Candy” Intro
“The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley” Intro
“Heathcliff” Intro

A Clip from “Midnight Madness” featuring Eddie Deezen
Bumper Robinson
The Story of the California State Flag at Snopes.com
“If Chins Could Kill” by Bruce Campbell
“Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way” by Bruce Campbell

The closing track for this episode is “Deeper” from the album “Invasion of the Mic Snatcher” by Sinister Six.  Download it free at Scrub Club Records.