Episode 3: Mystery Sandwich Club

In this episode, we bounce from topic to horrible topic like a disgusting and uncomfortably seedy pinball machine. Covered concepts include the opening to Laverne and Shirley, names for mustacheless mustache rides, Razz’s naked wedding photos, masturbating in the shower, Badservo’s feet, masturbating in the shower, text-command adventure games, Sam Elliot’s Fireplace: the anthology show, the engineering factors that go into proper sandwich construction, Hotel Art Artists, Vaginal saloon doors, the russian-roulette sandwich club of Patrick’s dreams, and deli-style cigarettes. Also, some discussion about semen, feet, and masturbating in the shower. There’s a whole lot more semen and masturbation talk than any of us expected, frankly. We expected some, of course, but not that much. Sorry.

Joining your regular hosts for this episode are the incomparable Ashley (@lilenrgzrbunny) and Leslie (@neuronimo). This was an experiment in a larger group, and Ray was the only organized one, so it’s a little chaotic.

Clan Lotus! *splooge*

Congratulations to Razz, who is getting married the day of this episode’s release. Yay!


Subway acknowledges cheese alignment problems in Australia: