What’s a Cinemanaut?

We’re a group of internet hooligans who get drunk and watch terrible movies together via Mumble and Netflix.

We record this madness, and sometimes publish the result on the interwebs.

Welcome, prospective Cinemanaut!

1. Start drinking now. Whenever you read this, it doesn't matter. You cannot start drinking too early for this.

2. Get Mumble, if you don't have it, so you can voice chat with us.

3. Send a message to @WorstThingEver on Twitter. Let us know you'd like in, and someone will get back to you with our Mumble server info.

4. Get your Netflix account open in your browser, and make sure you have Mumble and Netflix going through the same headset, so you don't play the movie back into the audio call.

5. You should drink a lot more at this point, and find out what content the group is going to watch from the Mumble chat.

6. Open the selected content in Netflix or YouTube as you would normally.

7. Play the selected content to 5 seconds in, and pause. Netflix now makes judging this more difficult by only displaying the time remaining in the video, but someone on the call should tell you what we call the Magic Number. Pause at that Magic Number.

8. If you don't hit the magic number exactly, don't freak out! It happens, especially if you have been drinking as much as you should have by this point. You can restart at zero and try again, or count an extra second as explained below. At this point you should have a display like this one:

9. Someone on the call will count out 5..4..3...2..1 GO - on "GO" you hit play. If you were at 6 seconds, count an extra second after GO, then hit play.

10. Enjoy terrible movies with drunk people.

11. Drink some more. Seriously, bottoms up, sissy.

*unflattering nicknames are also doled out indiscriminately based on mob mentality